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Bing Crosby Stadium

Bing Crosby Stadium is one of the nicest baseball venues in the Shenandoah Valley, and is also a place rich with history. In 1949, Mr. Bing Crosby agreed to appear at a fundraiser on behalf of the Recreation Association, which was attempting to raise money to build a baseball stadium. Mr. Crosby also made a personal donation of $1,000 toward the stadium project. Finally, on April 1, 1950, the town held “Bing Crosby Day.” There was a giant parade, and later that evening, Mr. Crosby made appearances at balls and dances held in his honor. The highlight for the community came at the premier showing of Crosby’s movie, “Riding High.” A sellout crowd was present to hear the announcement that that the Recreation Association had raised $6,500, and Mr. Crosby’s announcement that he would donate the remaining funds to meet the Association’s goal. The sign commemorating that day can still be seen directly inside the main gate of the stadium. Extensive renovations were completed in 2006 to create the stadium you see today. In addition to anchoring baseball activities in Front Royal, Bing Crosby Stadium has been used as a football field, for religious services, and as a music venue. Not only home to the Front Royal Cardinals, Warren County Parks and Recreation works hard to make this amazing facility available for high school teams, the local American Legion Baseball team and other local teams or events by preparing the fields prior to the sports season so they are safe and playable. Maintaining the facility is a combined effort of the Parks and Rec staff and teams that enjoying playing there. A recreational complex has grown up around the stadium, including softball fields, Little League and Babe Ruth baseball fields, tennis courts, and playground and picnic facilities, making Bing Crosby Stadium a true community asset.

The Front Royal Cardinals Baseball Team was honored to have Warren County dedicate the Bing Crosby Stadium field in honor of David L. Wines. David was a lifelong supporter of youth sports in Front Royal, and founding member of the Front Royal Cardinals, David L. Wines. Mr. Wines was a member of the Advisory Board of Warren County Parks and Recreation Department, and was publicly recognized for his services to these committees and for his service to both Front Royal Little League and Front Royal Midget Football. We can think of no better way to honor the life of a man that gave so much of his time promoting and developing sports, and the facilities in town where they were played, than to name the baseball field within Bing Crosby Stadium after David Wines.

David L. Wines Field

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